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My Oktoberfest brew tale , so far

I made the NB extract Oktoberfest 2 weeks ago. I used 1 packet of the dry yeast that comes with the kit. There were some comments here about using 2 packets or going with the liquid and a starter, but
the good folks at NB assured me that i should be OK with one packet.’

2 weeks into initial fermentation and my mini fridge (with temp controller) developed a ton of ice on
the tiny freezer portion of the fridge. This in turn seemed to lower the overall temp of the beer as evidenced by the ice under the cover of the plastic cover and the bubbler was almosr frozen solid. The
temp controller was set at 48F.

No problem, I simply opened a home brew and removed the plastic fermenter from the fridge and let the fridge defrost until the ice was gone. I noticed that the bubbler then got very active after warming up. (about 12 hours or so).

So, does this mean that the full fermentation will take longer than the normal time ? Also , is my fermentstion slower because of the fact that I only pitched 1 packet ? Any suggestions ?

So, my question is,

I would say that 2 weeks in most of the fermentation had occurred. By warming it up you conducted a D-Rest (which it may have needed due to underpitching). Most of the off flavors developed in lagers are created in the first few days so as long as it was at correct temp you should be fine.

One thing people that aren’t use to brewing lagers is that the fermentation is MUCH more “civilized” than the typical ale due to the lower temp. Of course, the underpitch could cause a slower ferment as well.

As the old saying goes, let the beer tell you when its finished. This is especially true with lagers. You are better off being one day late rather than one day early with a lager.

The only true test is a hydrometer reading or… better yet, taste a sample and see where it stands.

Well, after another week at 48 F, it’s ready for the lagering stage. The bubbling completely stopped
and i got tye same hydrom readings for 3 days in a row.

3 weeks so far. I just set the temp controller for 44 F and will lower it by a degree or 2 until I get it
in the mid thirties (although the instructions say 35F - 40F is OK).

Anyway, instructions say to lager for 2 months but timing is somewhat flexable. Based on the experiences of others, will this take 2 more months ? I plan on kegging / carbonating for the final week.

It might take 2 months, might not, might take longer. Those times are just suggestions.

As for lagering temps, 35* is fine. I get mine as cold as possible without freezing it. I set my temp to 33*. My understanding is that the colder lager temps take a little longer but more of the yeast and sediment drops out leaving a more clear product.

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