My new tallboy brew pot?

Hello I just got my new 40qt tallboy brew kettle. An I wanting to know should one clean the new brew pot before using it for brewing an if so should I use warm PBW an let it sat for 30min . Or should I just use some Bar Keeper friend to clean it

I didn’t clean mine before using…not sure if it mattered or not :slight_smile: it was filled with a lot of gallons of boiling water though :slight_smile:

I would give the kettle a wipe down with Barkeepers Friend just in case some manufacturing oils remain in your kettle. Sometimes there are changes in quality control and a good factory rinse was missed.


I just purchased one and it had some residual packing material and such in it. A good wipe down and rinse with Oxyclean then Star San did the trick. After that, I figured the boil took care of any other lingering nasties.

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