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My New Mash Tun

Someone gave me this. I’m thinking of making a new mash tun. I have access to tools and material to make a stainless false bottom, and it has the perfect tabs to hold it. I think I’ll need to add a valve to the drain tube.

Will you set it on a shelf/table or build a stand for it?

Whta type of plastic is the inside made from. Only a couple types of plastic are food safe at mash temps.

Do not make a false bottom. Make a loop with a stainless braid and a copper tee. There is no comparison to the effectiveness of the two. I just went trough this a month ago.

I’ll do some research before I do anything with it. The drain hole is in the center (and it’s a little small), so maybe I’ll replace the drain with a brass tee and add braided stainless. As for the stand, I’m a welder, so all options are open.

If nothing else, I have a new and exciting beer cooler that I plan on using for my upcoming family reunion.

Can you get three kegs in there? That would be a good use if the plastic turns out to be non conducive to brewing.

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