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My new lagering chamber

Some call it shoveling but I call it lagering

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Snow is useful for many reasons. Are you tracking the lagering temperature? We had purchased a wireless indoor outdoor thermometer for $10. Would be ideal for your lagering chamber to check the temp from inside the house.

It should stay pretty constant. I’ll poke a hole in and shoot it my infrared. I’m going to lager untill the snow melts. It’s my doppelbock and it is already carbonated. I hope I don’t run out of beer before the snow melts because then it will be called shoveling and not lagering.

Poked a 1 1/4 hole and took a shot with the infrared. It read 28 on the outside of the keg . Shooting through 3 feet of snow. I figure the beer is sitting around 30 deg. Perfect. I thought about your idea of a remote but figured not much I can do about it anyway. It’s 8% ABV so I doubt it would freeze solid enough to crack the kegs. Plenty of head space only about 4 gallons in each.

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