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My last 2 batches have tasted like sour apple *HELP*

Hey guys, i’ve never had any problems when I brew IPA’s or Pales. I brewed an American Wheat on 4/26, bottled it about 3 weeks later. Opened one up and it made my mouth pucker. I brewed a kolsch on the 2nd of this month, checked the gravity today and it has the same taste. I read somewhere it may have something to do with the chlorine in the water but i only boil with filtered water.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated.

sour apple can be associated with acetylaldehyde. usually means the beer did not ferment long enough to clean up after itself.

Sounds more like a Lacto infection to me. Not acetaldehyde. It is impossible to sanitize contaminated plastics and rubbers. Replace all plastic and rubber components including buckets, hoses, gaskets, etc. and I bet the problem will disappear on future batches.

Try to describe… is it a taste, or a smell? Is it green apple or is it sour? There are two possibilities here.


Mouth pucker >>> lacto infection. Also make sure your are getting wort down to ferment temp quickly. Lacto thrives in warmer temps.

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