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My lager recipe, how does it sound?

I typically brew only Lagers these days and I decided to experiment the other other and just throw some ingredients together and make a lager. Here is what I used and it is still fermenting, so give me your ideas on how it will be before it finishes up and I try it:

RO Water with:
Accumash Golden - Deep Amber (SRM:7-16)
1.040 0 1.060 OG / Finish Balanced

5LB Pale Malt (2 Row) US
4LB Pilsner (2 Row) German
.5LB Carapils
.5LB Caramel/Crystal malt 10L

1OZ Magnum 60 Min
1/2Oz Spalt 15 Min
1/2Oz Saaz 5 Min
Whirfloc Tab 15 Min

60 Min Boil
S-189 Saflager
OG 1.047

Think it will be an ok beer? Fermentation seems to be great so far at 53 degrees.

Sounds good. I think the two row is good I never had much luck with straight Pilsner malt

I’m not too up on lagers… yet, but the 1 oz magnum seems to give a rather sharp taste as opposed to balanced… At least in my lighter fair of brews.The rest looks good!

I wasn’t paying attention to the hops but I think @sneezles61 has a point. Drop the magnum to .5 oz and up the spalt and Saaz to 1 oz each and you’ll have a nice Pilsner at about 40 IBU . It’s your beer though.

Looks good. The 1oz of magnum at 60min will be a little bitter, but your crystal malt at 5% should knock that down a little. I think you’ll like it.

Thanks for the replies. I wasnt really going for a balanced taste. I wanted it a bit more bitter. But I think dropping the magnum to .5 and upping the other two to 1oz would have been better. I will just have to brew another batch.
I havent had much luck with bittering hops in the past. Even using an ounce I never get the desired bitterness. Could it be because I use hop bags? I havent found a good answer on that yet, to use or not to use hop bags?

I wouldn’t think the hop bags would make a huge difference in perceived bitterness…that being said I just throw’em in there and let them swim free. Ive used whole cone but mostly pellets. I have read that some folks that use hop bags bump up their hop amounts(10 percent?)(Danny?)…

Also, a 60 minute boil might invite DMS(cooked corn) with even that percent of Pilsner malt. 90 minute boil with Pilsner malt is typical, although some seem to never have problems with shorter boils. I always do 90.

I’ve never had problems with DMS doing a 60 min boil with all Pilsner malt.

Some say to expect a 10% loss of extraction when using bags. If you have small bags and put too much in it you can expect more.

As I said, some(you, apparently) have never had problems…Some have.

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