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My lack of confidence turns out a great brew

This is my first post on this forum so let me say hello.
My name is Joe and I reside in SE MN.
I just got into homebrewing after a bad Mr Beer experience.
Looking at plenty of reviews and I see Im not the only one who thinks Mr Beer sucks.

So To the point.
I did months of research and homework, than spent way way too much on equipment.
After an attempt to start my all grain experiences, I tried an IPA. The citra dbl IPA to be exact.
After kegging I noticed way too much grapefruit flavors. I hate grapefruit.
I ended up dumping and wasting about $60 worth of ingredients. I tried, but couldnt like it.

So on to my second attempt. Research and study of how to perfect my all grain skills, I tried a dbl chocolate oatmeal stout.
Big beers for a noob? Yes Im sure. Bit let me tell you. I kegged the stout a week ago. Every day after work, I have sampled it. Every time I try it it tastes better.
Tonight I did a brew in the bag of the American wheat I purchased to get a free big mouth blubbler.
While I worked on my first brew in bag attempt, I drank the SH** out of my stout…
I think I created a winner. I’ll be brewing this one on a regular basis.
The recipe was a typical bdl chocolate oatmeal stout I found online.
But I doubled the chocolate malt, added a brick of unsweetened bakers choco to the boil, splitting it at 60 and 30 minutes, than adding cocoa nibs to the secondary ferm.
Let me tell you!
Strong roasty beauty with a smooth mouth feal, in the end a nice subtle non sweet chocolate flavor.
Nothing over powers one aspect over the other. well balanced and easy to drink.
I can post the recipe if anyone is interested. this beer is amazing. I dread the day my keg spits the last bit.
Oh and to add, I just ordered a cylinder of 75/25 nitro/CO2 and will be buying a stout faucet in a week or two. Yes my beer needs to see a nitro pour. SO GOOD!! :cheers:

When you have a favorite you need to keep making it and have it ready before the last batch runs out.
It’s real fun when you start out with good experiences. Cheers!

That is a fantastic first post. Welcome to the madness!!!


  • wow, congrats on your success, my first two watered the yard. I'm hopeful for my next two in the fermenter.

    If you don’t mind post the recipe, I need to get a stout going for the winter months.


  • My favorite stout recipe:

    McNamara’s Irish Stout
    7.5 lbs Marris Otter (or golden promise)
    2.0 lbs flaked barley
    1.25 lbs Roasted Barley
    .5 lbs oats

    2oz East kent golding 60 Minutes
    .5 oz east kent golding 5 minutes

    Irish ale yeast or British ale yeast or american ale yeast…all make excellent beer

    Thanks DaveG, that looks great. Is that for a 5 or 6 gallon batch?

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