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My kegerator died. Best way to bottle what's in the keg?

My kegerator is now keeping my beer at a frosty 68 º… :frowning:

What’s the best method for bottling from the keg. I kegged 2 weeks ago and it’s pressurized. I don’t have any other way to chill the keg for an occasional beer.

Should I just proceed as if I’m drawing off the carboy into bottles?


I like to take a bottling wand, sanitize it, jam it into a picnic tap, open the valve, and bottle as normal (cap on foam).

Just make sure your beer is still carbed to your liking, as warmed liquid cannot have the same amount of CO2 dissolved in it as colder liquid.

Huh, that’s interesting. I’d have to boost the carbonation a bit at the temperature we’re at.

Just drink it :slight_smile: FAST!


base the number of volumes of CO2 on the style of beer. Most are around 2.5.

If it’s warm, you’ll have a hell of a time. Best bet is to find a way to chill it down before bottling (5 gallon bucket with ice water?), and it also helps if you can chill the bottles too. The final variable in the equation is the length of your picnic tap… the longer, the better. One of the reasons why the beer gun works so well is that it has a 10’ beer line.

Yeah, it will be foamy as hell if you try to bottle it warm.

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