My jug ate my bung

I have one of those 6.5 acid carboys along with the correct bungs. I placed my airlock into the bung and pushed the bung into the top of the jug. Everything was so slick from all of the sterilizing i did it squeezed past the lip of the jug. Well I thought that I would be able to hook it through the hole and pull it back out. By the time I got back it decided to slide into the jug. Will this cause me any problems while my cider is fermenting?


I figure about a 50/50 chance of problems – might be just fine, might not. It’s impossible to sanitize a rubber bung, but if it is relatively new and clean, it might be okay. Good luck.

I appreciate the reply. Not much I can do but I can say it was well sanitized. In a way I had to kind of laugh, now I have to wait and try and get it out when I empty the bottle. It will become a bacteria magnet if I don’t, why do stupid things have to happen to me?

Removing it is simple, after you empty the carboy.

[quote=“Nighthawk”]Removing it is simple, after you empty the carboy.[/quote]

Wow that looked too easy. Thanks for the link hope I never need to use that trick, but it’s good to know.

I knew somebody would know the trick, I forgot now how I got one out many moons ago. It happens to everybody. Those rubber stoppers are notorious for getting through the neck easy as pie. Thats why I now use the “solid” or “drilled” stopper that has a slight lip on the top. I use them on better bottles for the most part but they work with glass carboys in many cases. Usually they seal so well and just the base of the stopper will be tight in the neck it will never “fall” in like a rubber stopper.

These “universal” stoppers mentioned should work on a 6.5 acid carboy from what I remember from mine. Call your LHBS etc and they can tell you for sure.

that just saved one of my four 6.5 carboy thank you