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My IPA looks like a Stout

Just popped the top on an IPA I just brewed. It’s as dark as a stout. The kit was a year old. Any ideas about what went wrong. Doesn’t taste terrible but not like an IPA5



Agree that is likely the culprit. Oxidation of both the extract and the beer.

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Purple Passion Pale Ale?

Although homebrew from even fresh extract kits will look a bit darker than their all grain brethren, they should taste fine. If it is very dark, often dark brown or even purple, and tastes stale/unpleasant/harsh/gritty etc then oxidation is likely. A year old kit although not optimal, may not be the problem. Process might be the problem. Any issues during brewday or bottling?


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A year old kit although not optimal, may not be the problem. Process might be the problem.[/quote]

I can only agree with this to an extent. There’s very clear empirical evidence from the manufacturer that malt extract will darken with age.

As I previously mentioned I’m guessing it’s a combination of raw material, process, and natural Maillard reaction.

Must agree. More mailard effect. When i brew extract. Once a while. Do add part of the. Lme about 20 min left into the boil. This seems to help the taste and color

Everything went very smooth. One thing that did happen was a friend who was stirring the kettle was not scraping the bottom of the kettle and may have burned some extract

Color aside, (other than not tasting like an IPA) was there an off flavor?

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True that. Three months shelf life for LME in the plastic jugs(likely what he had), (2 years for an unopened bulk can, properly stored).

Didn’t taste terrible but not like an IPA should. Definitely some weird tastes going on.

You could be on to something there too. @alexthehophead make sure you take the BK off the heat and that all extract is dissolved before adding heat again.

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