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My hops were looking good

Gotta love this craptastic NE weather. My hops were looking great and then a week of frost followed up with crappy 50s and low 60s weather and my hops look like holy hell. This is their first year, i think they will make it but damn! I assume if they were year two or three they would be able to handle it better but wth!

Same here down in RI. I planted my rhizomes right during the last stretch of warm weather we had. The shoots started pushing through within a 10-14 days on all of them. Then we got nailed with this crap weather. My shoots are all about 1-2 inches tall and going nowhere fast. Got a few leaves on them, but that’s about it.

At least we’re getting some damn rain. My garden can really use it.

I have 4th year hops and I’ve had to cut them back several times as they are trying to strangle me.

They’ll make it and then in a few years you will look back with a smile at how concerned you were with a little frost as you hack your way through the hop jungle that used to be your yard

My Mt Hood and Horizon have gone crazy this year. But, for some reason my US Goldings seems to be stunted.

I planted a goldings and a glacier. No action on the glacier yet, but a couple on the goldings.

My Goldings went pycho and grew like crazy, my cascade have done next to nothing. But having said this, the Golding rhizomes i received were pretty stout compared to the others. But hopefully with this warmer weather, they all will start to do something.

Still waiting and waiting. My hops have grown and inch in the last month. Am i worrying over nothing?

I planted a goldings and a glacier. No action on the glacier yet, but a couple on the goldings.[/quote]

Pushing two feet on the goldings, but still nothing on the glacier. It’s been a cool, very wet spring here. I’m about ready to dig up the glacier and try something else in that spot next year.

Rookie, If you pull them, is selling planted hops, atleast this way you don’t have to wait until next year and you know for sure that you have a live plant.

My Goldings are finally up to about the same height as yours. Mt Hood is suffering some major problems with spider mites and seem to be fighting a losing battle. I’ve tried just about everything other than predatory mites, but to no avail. Luckily my Horizon is still doing well and covered in cones.

That would work if I didn’t live in WA. No one is allowed to ship hop plants to WA.

My fourth year Cascade are looking pretty good this year…so far.

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