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My First time dry hopping

I brewed the sip of sunshine clone (which smells and taste amazing so far) and I just put my dry hops in yesterday. It’s all sitting on top…Am I supposed to shake it around? Or is it supposed to be on top?

Pellets or whole leaf? Pellets will usually sink, but leaf tend to float the whole time. Assuming you’re using pellets, though, the particles cause nucleation sites for CO2 to come out of solution, and the pellet mush traps the bubbles and they end up floating. It should sink after a day or two, though.

If it worries you, I like to give the fermenter a quick twist, which helps knock them down to the bottom. Be VERY careful if it’s in a glass carboy. And if you can cold crash, even as little as a 10°F drop will cause them to fall.


They are pellets…doesn’t bother me…I just had no idea what the correct way to do it was

I’m dead set against any shaking or swirling after fermentation has begun. Too much risk of oxidation.

I bag my hops for DHing so I usually sanitize a stainless fitting or something and put it in the bag.

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