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My First Recipe

I’ve been brewing for about a year now and I’m taking my first shot at making my own recipe. Any advice on this…

6 lb of NB Amber Malt syrup
1 lb of Amber LME

3 oz cascade 60 mins
1 oz fuggles 15 mins

Wyeast 1056 Ale

I feel like its missing something… any suggestions

I wouldn’t use cascade as a buttering hops. 3 oz is expensive. I use magnum or nugget for bothering. Save the cascade for flavoring

+1 on cascade for flavoring, not bittering. If you already have the fuggles, use them for bittering. Maybe try a pearl or saaz for a spicyer hop. Maybe a simcoe for flavor addition/along with 1oz of those cascade???

tell us what you have in mind. What flavor profile are you looking for? Its hard to make suggestions when we don’t know what your goal is.

Sorry forgot to say I’m looking to go towards an american ale

for an American ale, I would suggest gold lme instead of amber lme. The hop schedual…1oz fuggels 60min, 2oz cascade 45min, 1oz cascade 10min. (that’s if you want to use the hops originally listed). IMHO you could leave out the fuggels.

let us know how it turns out… :cheers: Prost!!!

I’d go with:

3lbs amber LME
4lbs Pilsen or golden light DME
.75lb Crystal 15L (steeping grain)
.75lb either Honey Malt or Special B (steeping grain)
1.5 oz Czech Saaz @ 60 min
.75 oz Czech Saaz @ 30 min
.5 oz Fuggle or .25oz Mouteka @ 10 min
White Labs WLP001

Steep grains @ 160*F for 20-30 min.

And prime (if you’re bottling) with 2.5oz priming sugar & 3.5 oz of left over DME for 2-3 wks bottle conditioned.

Just my $0.02.

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