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My first lager success

After 4.5 months, I have tapped my first keg of homebrewed lager, Ken’s long ball bock. Clear as bell, and delicious. The best beer I have ever brewed. If your thinking of trying a lager, do it! This definitely demands patience, but I can’t believe how good this tastes. A very rewarding experience.

Very nice. :cheers: Great clarity and color. I just racked my first lager to a keg for lagering on the 5th, so it has at least another 6-8 weeks to go before I figure it’ll be close to being ready. I pulled a little to taste this morning, and it’s already pretty good, although it’s still cloudy and just a little bready tasting. It’s sort of my version of a Bitburger pilsner clone.

Congrats! Looks great! Bocks are one of my original favorite non BCM beers with Schmidt’s Bock in Philadelphia and later Moerlein Bock in cincinnati as go to beers when available when I lived there.

Took me awhile to get the lager process down. Congrats on what looks like a fine beer.

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