My First Kegging Setup

Well guys I am fairly new to brewing but I love it so much I am wanting to get into kegging. I am doing some research and have narrowed down kegs, CO2 tanks Regs and the such but my question is on hosing. What size hosing is used from the regs to the kegs and what size isd used from the kegs to the taps?

I watched a video on Northern and they said something about using a certain size prevented foaming but I couldn’t really understand where. I am only doing a chest freezer with four kegs and a double reg to force carbonate one while using others.

On a side note I am from Fort Worth Texas and also new to your forums. I have lurked for several months in both forums and the video channel just wanted to wait to post.


I’m new to kegging as well, so I’m sure some of the veterans can fill in the gaps. Here’s what I’ve learned. For gas, you can use 1/4" or 3/16" ID tubing. Really doesn’t matter. Just need to make sure you get a good seal.

Different story for liquid line. Diameter and and line length are very important. You definitely want to use 3/16" ID tubing. Line length is a matter of debate, but the absolute minimum is 5 feet. Some guys go 10-12 feet in order to reduce foaming. I’m sure someone can provide the technical details if you’re interested.

When I started buying equipment, I went with a kit just for simplicity. They all come with 5 foot liquid lines. I’ve been using those with picnic faucets until I build out my keezer, and have had no problems except some leaky picnic faucets. I figured, beer line is cheap, so I could always tinker with line length later if I have foam problems.

Also, check out this site if you are looking at a kit and buying parts:

I’ve placed a couple orders with them and found their prices to be quite good and their shipping time to be great. Shipped the next day both times. I’ve found better keg prices elsewhere.

I understand that they will customize orders for you if you give them a call. So if you want to buy a kit, but get longer liquid lines, I’m sure they would be happy to accommodate you.

Well I have found a great deal on kegs and such but what I haven’t found is a great deal on shanks, faucets, and all the little pieces to get thjings going. Do most of you guys use barbed fittings or threadefd fittings and why?

Best place I’ve found for faucets and shanks (assuming you’re after Perlicks):

Welcome! I’m north of Dallas in The Colony. Started kegging a bit ago. I’ve got 4 kegs most with barbed fittings. I would have used the threaded but the place I bought my setup didn’t stock them. The threaded are easier because you don’t have to heat the hose and pull with all your strength to get disconnects off the lines to clean them. I bought my beer line from Home depot. 20’ of 3/16"ID for like $4. I use 10’ on each keg. I just use picnic taps, aka cobra taps or party taps, to dispense my beer.

Having a dual reg will be pretty sweet since you’ll be able to carb two kegs at different pressures.


Sorry, I missed this in my prior response. My two cents: better to go with threaded hardware, because it will be easier to disassemble and swap out components if needed.