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My first father's day! What to brew?

Just found out my wife and I have our first little one on the way! So pumped! And word around the campfire is I’m getting a gift card to my LHBS to celebrate the news on Father’s day(shhh… I’m not supposed to know). So the question now is what should I brew to celebrate??? A summertime thirst-quencher? Or perhaps a brew to sit on and pop open when the baby is here… Your thoughts?

RIS or BW would be my choice.


No experience here. From what I have gathered, brew, brew, brew!

Get a couple big beers going now. Then start working on ‘average’ beers. Get as many batches in the bottle as you can before the birth so you have something to drink when the time gets to hectic to brew something.



My personal preference would be a Cream Ale. It’s very easy to make, very light and crisp for the summer time, and it’s typically ready to drink in ~4 weeks.

I’ve made this kit a handful of times and it’s always turned out great: ... t-kit.html

Happy Father’s Day!

I’m brewing a Patersbeir on Patersday. :wink:


First off, congratulations! I know the situation is different for everyone but I have found plenty of time for brewing with the little one around. I usually start the mash strike water around dinner (6ish) then get the mash going and start to sparge after bedtime which is 8 here. Honestly it was easier when he was newborn and is getting more tricky at two. You can make it work.

FYI: Two is not old enough for hydrometer holding…

German Ale

Very cool… congrats!

My daughter was born at the end of November so I did a big spiced holiday ale and handed them out in 22oz bottles. Brew lots of stuff now and get some sleep… times are a changin’! :slight_smile:


If it were me i would do a big brew that takes some time. so i can pop them to celebrate the baby coming.

that burban barrel porter from NB is what i would lean towards. Just because i want to try it.

Congrats! Our first is due in mid august so for father’s day I brewed my “Baby Brew” milk stout. I am having labels made and will give it out instead of cigars

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