My First Extract + Specialty Grain (Dry Irish Stout)

Tell me what you think about my recipe I modified from some I’ve read on the internet. I went for a really dark brown chocolatey dry Irish stout.

I am using a Mr. Beer fermentor so I made a 2 Gallon batch.

7.2 ABV
OG 1.074
FG 1.019
IBUs 33(low IBU for style)

Boil Vol. 2.2 Gallons

1# Chocolate Malt
.5# Roast Barley

(60 Minutes)
2# Light Gold DME
.8oz UK Kent Golding Hop

(30 Minutes)
.25# Light Brown Sugar

(15 Minutes)
1# Light Gold DME
.2oz UK Kent Golding Hop

Dry Yeast using SafAle English Ale S-04

Day one in the fermenter, it foamed up so much it leaked out of the air holes built into the top and had the air holes were clogged with gunk. The Mr. Beer keg was very bloated. It settled after that day and still had a rich foam (deep dark brown) over it for a couple days. (I brewed 1/5) and the foam has just started to settle.

Any suggestions for any tweaks? It will overall be slightly less potent and dark because I spilled some in a newbie mistake leaving the spigot open when I first poured in but caught it after losing minimal wort. Replaced with water to make 2 gallons.

Hopefully it will be ready for St. Patricks Day but I will probably crack the first one in about 6 weeks.