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My first cider, suggestions?

So this past weekend i started my cider. I mixed five gallons of cider with a pound of brown sugar. It is bubbling away at about 64 degrees. Any suggestions on how long cider usually takes to wrap up primary. Should i really do a secondary? I have sorbate, but when is the best time to add it? My thoughts were to pull a sample and if it tastes good, then maybe adding it. Do you think it will be dry and tasteless or will i have something enjoyable?


Time can vary with different yeasts and the gravity of when it is racked. I highly recommend the secondary to get it off any fruit solids. You are going to have a hard time stopping fermentation using the Sorbate. I would recommend letting it finish and backsweetening. If you are going to keep it still, no reason to not let it finish, then stabilize and backsweeten.

Baratone, any suggestions on what i should back sweeten with? and how much of a necessity is this?

Some like it dry, some don’t. Thats just a matter of your own taste. You have lots of options since you are leaving it still. My recommendations would be honey or concentrate. Sample it before backsweetening and see if you like it dry or not.

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