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My First Beer Event

Hello All,

Well I went to my first actual beer event here in Stillwater. It was put on by the only beer/liquor store that I go to here in town - The Barn (they do actually have a drive-thru barn for all of your beverage needs). It was pretty neat to drink about thirty different beers, and many different styles. I had my first true Ocboberfest beer, so that was pretty exciting. Thank goodness there were no Budweiser/Coors tables there to showcase their beers. However, it was vendor event only, so there were no people there that had any true relationship to the beer that they were promoting; except for making money of course.

I guess what I would like to say is that I am more excited than ever to be a part of the craft beer movement, and I think this will propel me into being involved with more homebrewing events and whatnot here in Oklahoma. Especially if I can talk about the beers with the people that actually made it, and not someone who is there just to secure shelf space.


If you have the chance you should come down to Dallas in March for the Bluebonnet Brewoff. Its a huge homebrew competition that they hold every March…usually the 2nd or 3rd week. They have a huge commercial tasting every year on Friday night along with a huge homebrew club tasting afterwards where each club sets up a bar to showcase their own beers. It gives you a chance to try a bunch of commercial beers that you may not get to sample normally as well as gives you the exposure to the wide range of products that home brewers are producing as well.

Beer events are amazing, I go to them every fall. Unfortunately they’re almost always in the fall, even though fall is my favorite time of the year. I just had an eventful weekend of Oktoberfest and a beerfest. So much fun. Lots of cheery people drinking good beer, having a great time. It’s like that every year, can’t wait until next year already!
Some people make pretzel necklaces to munch on through the day. I don’t do that, I usually just buy food that’s there, seems more satisfying. You’re gonna get drunk regardless.

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