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My first all grain- Ya I know another noob

Well I’ve been lurking in the back reading all you guys have to say. I did my first all grain yesterday, used the BIAB method, was a little high on my strike temp, 167* then it got a little low, down to 148* for awhile. I did a 90 min mash and a 170* mash out 10 min. 90 min boil. I started with a little too much water and OG was a little low, But the worst thing that can happen is I get a lighter beer than I hoped for. I have to thank eveyone for all the post, even if you didn’t know you were helping me.


Welcome to the forum. Lots to learn here.

Betting your beer will turn out fine and you already know how to improve. Congrats.

Now that you’ve done one AG batch, you no doubt learned a lot. Some more research will help with any problems you had and your process will continue to evolve and get better. Never ending learning curve!

Always takes a few times to dial in on your particular process so you hit your intended numbers. Sounds like you had a good result, keep at it because AG is the best both in terms of cost and control.

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