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My First 10 Gallon Batch - Suggestions?

I’ve been working on finding equipment for 10 gallon batches, and finally have everything and ready to brew. So, what to brew? My brother wants to help, and ordered a few ingredients, although sort of random stuff and now the dilemma. Here is what I have. Obviously I’ll be making another trip to the homebrew store.

Wyeast 3711 and 1098
White Labs WLP004
20 lbs of Belgium Pale Ale Malt
20 lbs of German Kolsch Malt
20 lbs of Bohemian Pilsner Malt
Lots and lots of Citra Hops

So, I want to start with a light ale. I’m thinking of using most of the Belgium Pale Ale Malt. Thoughts on using that with the 3711 and 1098? I’m thinking I’ll ferment in 2 5 gallon fermenters, so it’d be fun to try two different yeasts. Anyone have any thoughts? What would you do?
I should note, I don’t have much experience with recipe creation yet. Not sure what would go along with Belgium Pale Ale Malt.

I guess I am more risk adverse, but if you are not comfortable with crafting recipes, why would you jump into a 10 gallon batch? I would either brew 10 gallons of a tried and true recipe, or work out recipe creation on a 5 gallon batch and then scale up.

Of my own volition, I wouldn’t make anything with only Citra. I did it once. I will not do it again.

If you had a gun to my head, I’d probably go with the Belgian pale ale, Citra for bittering to ~35-40 IBUs, a very light touch of Citra late and the Saison yeast.

If you can get some other aroma hops to use with the Citra, I highly recommend it. I would not use Citra as more than 25% of the late/dry hops.

I would make a french saison with 50% belgian pale ale malt and 50% bohemian pils, like kcbeersnob, I don’t like a beer with just Citra, but I will choose a few ounces for aroma only, not for bittering. And of course, Frensh Saison yeast.

Pick up enough French Strisselspalt Hop to bitter appropratly + 3 oz at flame out.

3711 by itself. 2lbs of white wheat would be a good addition with either one of the base malts or a combo like mentioned.

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