My fermentation is taking a while... Airlock still going

How long is too long?

I’ve got an IIPA going. 1.08OG
San Diego Super Yeast from WL (that was at its expiry date so I used a starter from the wort).

Started the fermentation too cold - nothing after a day.

Then brought it to a warmer room. It’s been going for 9 days with a bubble in the airlock about every 3 seconds. Still.

How long is too long?
Smells good. Looks fine.

Too long? A sign of infection?

The IPA I’m drinking now took that long. I let it go for three weeks. After 10 days I threw in some dry hops for another week. It kept burping the whole time. Slowly in the end. Kegged if around .006. I fermented in the low 60

Since you know the OG I assume you have a hydrometer. Have you taken any readings since the original? That will tell how it’s going better than anything.

That is is pretty big beer so it may take longer. As long as it still smells good fermenting don’t worry.

If the airlock is going, then the yeast are working. Unless you want to hit a specific ABV which would require you to kill off the yeast before they are done, you should just let them do their thing. 1 bubble every 3 seconds is pretty high yeast activity…but even when it’s down to 1 bubble every 3min there’s still lots of activity.

Don’t worry so much about days since you started…think more about what the time between bubbles tells you about the activity level of the yeast.