My coffee oatmeal stout recipe

This beer is damn good. I’ve brewed 58 batches to date and this is the first that I’m proud enough of to share. It’s delicious,the perfect marriage of coffee and beer. If you brew please let me know what you think, it’d mean a lot to me. Here it is…

For 5.25 gallons assuming 70% efficiency
FG- 1.016 ish
6.5 Abv

10# Crisp Maris Otter (76.2%)
1# Flaked oats (7.6%)
13oz Extra dark crystal (6.2)%
8oz Chocolate (3.8%)
8oz Roasted barley (3.8%)
5oz Franco-Belges Kiln Coffee (2.4%)

Mash at 152
60 minute addition for 30 ibu (I used galena)

Wyeast 1318 London ale III
Ferment at 68

At kegging or bottling add cold brewed coffee (2.5oz coffee steeped in 16oz of cold water for ~24 hours) I used a french press to strain but whatever you have should work, squeeze out as much liquid as possible. I used a this coffee - This coffee is a winner but any coffee you like would be an interesting twist. The flavor of the particular coffee really comes through. Enjoy :beer:

And where, may I axe is the hops? The base looks good, I’m not a cold coffee peep, BUT, I will try yer base for a stout… Sneezles61

Shoot for 30 ibu. The base beer is solid. I only added coffee this time for the lady.

Late to the party, but they’re right here.

No wonder I have extra parts when putting stuff together! :worried:Sneezles61

We’re so good at putting things that all the pieces aren’t needed. And ps I edited the hops in after you pointed out that I forgot

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Sneaky, very sneaky… :smirk: Sneezles61