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My cider tastes like CORN?

This is my first year making cider. I’ve had good luck with dandelion and strawberry wines-so I thought I’d try my hand at cider making. So far— Started about 10 different 1 gallon jugs back in early to mid Oct. (I played with the sugar content, yeasts, and types of sweetener)

Racked the 1st small batch of cider last night and it tasted corny. Thought it was just me, so asked my husband to try it-and he said “Tastes like POPCORN!” I used RS champagne yeast and white sugar…

Is this weird taste normal in the early stages of aging?

The effect of wild yeast?

Will it mellow out if I leave it in the carboy longer?

Racked another that I had not added any yeast to and that one was better, but still had a slight corny aftertaste. Perhaps I should make it a “spiced” cider to hide the weird flavor?

What temperature did you ferment them at? What yeast did you use? Does it taste like pop corn, or buttered pop corn?

At least with wine and ale you can get a by-product called Diacetyl, which tastes like butter. Some Chardonneys have a pronounced buttery flavor because of Diacetyls.

In my limited experience, almost everything gets better with age. Don’t dump batches too soon.

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