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My charity auction brew day

I auctioned off a brew session for my company holiday party back in December. $$ went to 3 different charities. Finally, got the buyer out to brew today. Slight snow outside of Philly. The session with 2 cases of beer only went for $70. I was hoping for a little more, but it all went to a good cause even though it was probably worth more to me. A young kid bought it who has a Mr. Beer kit at home and wanted to see someone brew first before using it. It was a fun day. And after 2 years of brewing, it felt good to pass something along. He brought a bottle of FS Parabola with him which was a plus. Great beer.

The auction was “pick your brew”. His 1st two choices were Quad and RIS. I was like “No” and “No”. lol. He settled on a Firestone Double Jack which really pushed my system to the limits, but I hit my numbers and got 5.5 gallons into the primary. It’s a little sad I don’t get to keep any :frowning:

The recipe is the based on the Union Jack for CYBI:
Mash 60’ @145
6gallon Batch

18 lbs 2 Row
3 lbs Munich 10
0.6lbs Caramalt
1oz Warrior 90min
1oz Cascade 30min
1oz Centennial 30min
2oz Cascade '0 (30min steep)
2oz Centennial '0 (30min steep)
Plus (Amarillo, Simcoe, Casdade and Centennial dry hops)

90minute boil. OG 1.086

1 vial WLP002 (1L then step up to 2L) [chunky yeast!]
Pitched at 62F after 1min of O2.

I’m hoping this gets dry. Need to hit 1.015

Goes straight from a Mr. Beer kit to asking for a RIS. Surprised he didn’t ask to throw in a nice Barleywine too.

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