My Canadian Brewery Project

Hi Fellow Forum Members
I am new to the site and would be very appreciative if some of the more experienced Brewers would look over my Equipment list and point out any deficiencies.
I am building this project with the intention of having 10-20 of us home brewers use it and capitalize on sharing equipment costs and reduced price on bulk ingredient purchases.
Have spent months creeping these sites and watched every YouTube video out there!
This is the system I believe will give us the best beer and enough diversity for all the different Brewers and Brews

My Canadian Brewery

Equipment List

3- 55 Gallon Blichmann Pots
1-HLT…No Modification
1-mash tun…false bottom and auto sparge
1- boiler…HopBlocker

3-Costco 66000 BTU Burners

1-42 Gallon Blichmann Conical Fermentor

1-Blichmann Tower of Power and 2 control modules

2-Chugger Pumps

1-plate chiller

1/2 inch Stainless CamLock Fittings
3/4 inch silicone Hose

Wow - that’s a serious start up list. It’s kind of hard to say on hardware without knowing how you’ll use it, but I can think of a couple of things right off: a few erlenmeyers in different sizes, plus maybe a couple of 2 or 3 galllon carboys, and a stirplate or two for making starters. Some buckets/carboys for splitting out batches. Some bins for grain storage. A heavy duty grain mill. With that many people, you might as well pick up an oak barrel or two. Freezers/refrigerators and temp controllers. A reverse osmosis water purifier setup. Refractometers. Ladles, mash paddles, scoops, scales for grain and hops, utility buckets w/lids, hoses, floor scrubber brush w/ handle.

Thanks for the response midmobrwr

Between my self and the other brewers we are fairly well equipped for these items.

Not new to brewing but looked at my brewers log and my last batch was in 1993!!!

This will defiantly be a step up from my 20 gallon brew pot,
duel plastic pales for sparge,
hand crank princes auto grain mill…two hours for ten pounds.
…stick the pot in the snow and stir like heck wort chiller,
suck on the siphon tube and hopefully get a little taste of that delicious wort transfer system

I did how ever have a kegerator back then…one of few in Alberta!

Past the point of making brewing a two day affair…

Have the time and money 20 years later to have some fun setting this up and brewing with fellow hobbyists.

Appreciate your comments.

Control System…is the tower of power plus laptop the way to go or is their a better way to control this system?

I would look at getting bigger burners.

I can’t help but think you will also want several more fermenters, perhaps not conicals but something for secondary and/or conditioning. I only run a 10 gallon rig but I have 4 fermenters, 2 for primary and 2 for secondary and brite conditioning. I could actually use 2 more…

That’s probably a good idea…when my pots come in…I will run a test to see how long it takes to heat up and wether I can maintain temperature.

I have a on demand water heater that I will use…so water will go into HLT at 190 and into mash pot at 170.

The Blichmann control modules turn burners on when there is demand for heat…so mash tun will likely be ok with 66000 BTUs as not to scorch the wort.

HLT and boiler however could maybe use more heat…I can always bump pressure or drill
Orifices on these two burners.

FWIW I use 210k BTU burners with my 30gal pots.

Is it your “Canadian Brewery” because you are a chronic syrope eater, just want to brew molson Canadian clones all day, or have aWinnipeg hobo locked up in your basement to mill your grain for you?

If it is the latter, I would actually recomend switching to a Frederickton hobo. They tend to be a little lazier, but are much less surly, and can pretty much live on tea and sugar cookies. :wink: