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My brewing rack

Attached picture doesn’t show burners, haven’t installed yet, but was anxious to do this post.

I built the brewing stand out of slotted angle. Very easy to bolt together. On the top tier I mounted a Banjo burner. Where my strike water pot sits. The pot has graduation marks on it and above it is a water line with a valve to fill the pot. I also installed a thermometer in the pot to watch my temperature. I placed heat resistant material under the thermometer, so the heat from the burner would not affect the thermometer. I also installed a drain and valve to allow hot water to be drained into the mash tun. When sparging, I add a small coil of copper tubing that has holes drilled in it to evenly distribute the hot water over the grain bed. On the next level down is my Mash Tun. On the side of the rack of the mash tun, I placed heat resistant material to prevent the burner on the top from burning the mash tun. The next level down is my boiling pot and another banjo burner. Both burners are piped into a common line to a propane tank that I can valve off each burner, since you’d usually never use both at once anyway. On the next level down is my cooling coil. I took 25’ of 3/8” copper tubing and fed it through a 5/8” garden hose and piped it together. This is connected to a water line, and valve. Wort then would drain from the boiling pot, though the cooling coil, into the last level which is on the ground level, which is my fermenter bucket.

I like it, might have to put one together just like it. Thanks for the pic!!!

I like it! Just one diagonal brace on each side of the bottom tier will make that thing of beauty stiff as concrete.


Looks nice, a rig really makes brewing more fun !

+1 to what john said about the diagonal bracing, use one diagonal in each of the three planes.

Cool, with a burner on each end it should even work when gravity reverses itself at the end of the year.

Will your CFC bring the wort to temp without recirculating?

[quote=“tom sawyer”]Cool, with a burner on each end it should even work when gravity reverses itself at the end of the year.

NICE! Mayan calender reference under the radar!

That really is a sweet setup! Nice job!

My only concern is proximity to the wall behind with banjo burners blasting. Is that wall firesafe?

+1 on both of the above. Brace it up and make sure everyhing is fire safe.


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