My best beer yet!

Four weeks ago I made an all grain imperial stout. I dumped the whole kettle into the fermenter, trub and all. I allowed allowed a four week stay in the primary. I cold crashed for three days. When I transferred to the keg the stuff was CRYSTAL CLEAR! I was happy. Then I tasted my hydrometer sample, and even un-carbonated it tasted fantastic. So last night after two days on the gas I gave a taste. Still very low on carbonation but I think the taste is awesome. I will now leave it alone until Thanksgiving day and we will enjoy it then. The weekend following thanksgiving I will bottle from the keg and at that time my double IPA will have been in the primary for four weeks and I will transfer that to the keg. I did the same process with that. If the DIPA comes out as well I think I have found my new process. All goes in the fermenter and let it sit for 4 weeks with a 3 day cold crash.

It is good when expectations are exceeded.

Sorry, I can’t resist…but if your Imperial Stout is crystal clear…you’re doing it wrong :lol:

Nice, Matt. Yes I contacted the folks at Pepsi to find out how they made that Crystal Pepsi back in the 80’s. I followed their method for taking any dark liquid and making it completely transparent and clear. It’s magical! :smiley:

Crystal Pepsi was the early 90’s; and if you believe the internet it’s coming back. ... 7060761600