My beer just met mother nature's cold hand

i hope some one can help me out again. so this past week/weekend here in the california bay area we had a rain and temps down to 45-50. well i hope this didnt mess my beer out to bad. ive been checking my beer and its been chilling at ~60F but then between sat and last night the temp dropped to ~55-57F and ive been trying to keeep it warm. its been 1 week since i started fermentation. i wanted to give it one more week till i bottled. but now im worried about the temp drop. i currently have it indoors now. should o bottle now or just wait it out?

What yeast did you use? Did you take gravity readings?

og was 1.033
i took a reading got 1.012

[quote=“rhino”]og was 1.033
i took a reading got 1.012[/quote]

Depending on which yeast you used you could be pretty close to done.