My 2nd Brew. Help

I am about to brew my 2nd beer, it will be a wheat extract kit. I am planing on adding orange peel and maybe coriander. First question have any of you guys done this and what are your thoughts? Second at what point in the boil should they be added?


I’ve done quite a few batches with both of these ingredients… I would say the orange peel, could be used to in any quantity, prob. under few ounces though. I’ve found that coriander can be very overwhelming and"spicy" in quantities over 1 oz/5 gallons.

I usually add last 5 minutes of boil, then remove before chilling.

If I were to use both how much should I add?

I’ve brewed the NB Whitbier extract kit. It comes with 1oz of coriander. I ground 1/4 oz of that and found in the 5 gallon batch it was on the higher end of almost taking over the beer. It was good, but a couple of people who tried it did comment.

1 oz of each would be fine. You can put the coriander in as is or crack it to get more flavor. Last 5 minutes works well.

As yo can see, opinions are like … everyone has one.

It’s easier to add a spice than to take it out.