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Mustache fermentation activity after 4 days

I have a batch of extract mustache envy I made Sunday night, 11/9. I waited until finished five gallons of wort was 75 degrees to add yeast. Yeast is Wyeast abbey II, pack was smacked about four hours before use. Bag was fully expanded when opened.

I did add 1/4 lb of Gambrinus honey malts to steeping. Not sure why this would change anything.

It has now been four days and I have no activity in my air lock. I have gently shook the bucket a few times too. Starting to get worried about it. I have not cracked the top yet to look inside the 6 gallon bucket to see if there is krausen.

Any advice?

Double check the seal all the way around the lid…it may not be completely sealed, thereby letting CO2 exit through the non-sealed lid instead of the airlock. It’s happened to me twice, just seal the lid up (if that’s the problem) and you will be fine.


Crack the lid and look in or shine a light through the bucket and look for the krausen ring. Always confirm there hasn’t been activity before assuming there wasn’t. Tip: Bubbles are not a good way to confirm activity. A hydrometer is.

+1, a Belgian yeast at 75 is probably almost done now.

One of my lids doesn’t seal tight at all and the airlock never bubbles. I figured it out after a few batches and now just RDWHAHB.

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