Must watch, Mr. Beer gone wrong

Watch this video all the way through. I know people have differences in the way they brew, but this guy is crazy.

Best part, when he’s in deep thought, “Yeah…That’s kind of awful.”

“…but I could get used to this…” He sounds like me tasting my first homebrew in 1996. It was awful.

I just dont understand why he didnt use hops? Thats what really gives beer its flavor.

Wonder if it was hopped extract maybe? I love the “I don’t know what I’m doing but I wanted to be creative so I added coconut”. Wow. Thanks for the laugh.

Total Gold! I hope this guy opted for the YouTube advertising option because he is going to make a killing with all these hits.

“Mr. Beer Part 2”, 15 months later he’s doing a 15 gallon batch BIAB.

There is a lot to “laugh at” here, but there is a lot to give this guy credit for as well. First and foremost, self awareness and the ability to laugh at himself. Towards the end he says, “If I somehow get sick and end up in the hospital from drinking this. I’ll be sure to make a hospital video for you.”

That was too funny! He had me crying! He seemed sort of grossed out by the taste but continues to drink it. Better luck next time buddy!

Wow he came a long way in 15 months!