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Munton's Caramalt in Beersmith

Does anybody have any info on Munton’s Caramalt besides it being 10L so I can add it into Beersmith? I can not seem to find details on this.

It appears to just be darker carapils. ... p_269.html

Lovibond Range: 10 – 14 Muntons Caramalt is a light crystal malt used to add a fuller body and sweetness to any lighter colored beer styles. Use 5 -20% of the total malt content in a recipe. ... hh9pvg04j4

[quote]Muntons Caramalt 55 Lb Is A Great Balancing Grain. It Adds Body And Flavor, But No Color Or Sweetness. Muntons Caramalt 55 Lb Is A Light Crystal Malt Type. Dextrines Add A To A Good Mouth Feel And Head Retention. They Are Best Brewed With Other Pale Malts Because Of Their Lack Of Enzymes. Muntons Carapils 55 Lb Should Be Around 15% Of Your Total Grains To Add Body And Mouth Feel Without Adding Color.

Formerly called Muntons Carapils 1 LB.[/quote]


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