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Multitasking and creating a problem

I planned on making a brown porter today and put on the yeast cake of a robust porter (i know wrong direction in OG). I wanted to bottle the robust porter which adds another degree of difficulty in making this work in a timely manner vs. putting the robust in a keg. After starting the mash i went about preparing the bottling solution of sugar, getting my bottles together, etc. I started my boil (i have gone to 90 minutes for everything), transferred my beer to the bottling bucket along with the sugar solution, started washing and sanitizing my bottles and caps and began bottling. I was being very careful to watch my timer to be sure i put my chiller in the kettle at 15 minutes to flame out and made my 10 minute addition. When i reached the 15 minute mark i started to the garage from the basement to put the chiller in the wort when a sinking feeling hit me that i had not put my bittering hops in at 60 minutes. I put the bittering hops in and added another 45 minutes to the 15 minutes remaining to the boil making a 2 hour and 15 minute boil. I added additional water to make the volume correct for the additional boil.

O.G. came out correct but what should i expect from the additional 45 minutes of boiling?

probably just a darker beer. The hops utilization might be different in your 45 miunte addition than it would have been for a 90 minute addition, but it will all probably just be fine. Just a guess from what I’ve read from the frequent posters here…I haven’t “run” that experiment yet :wink:

I have not done this but I have heard Jamil Z make a case for all late hop addition,s adding everything with 10 min left on the boil and later. You may have to up the amount of the additions, but I have heard that this makes very very drinkable beer.

The way i explained my issue did not clearly explain my issue.I had intended to boil my wort for 1 hour and a half and add my bittering addition 30 minutes after the start of the boil. This would give me a 1 hour boil for my bittering addition. What actually happened was that the wort boiled for 2 hours and 15 minutes instead of the 1 and 1/2 hours intended but the bittering addition boiled for only 1 hour as originally intended. Did the additional 45 minutes of boil on the wort without the hops change things? Hope i explained things better.


Possibly what psc’s said 1st, darker beer. Even though you added water to make up for the increased boil time, the sugars “may” still have some carmalization due to being on the flame.

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