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Multigrain Red Ale...looking for mystery addition

I just moved my red ale to the secondary. I am considering some kind of addition but dont know which to consider. I have cold brewed some coffee for a porter and also added some oak cubes to a stout. both were excellent.

Any ideas would be helpful. I am considering honey??? Maybe a spice???

Coffee and oak lend themselves to Porters and Stouts, not sure how they go with a red ale. A light oaking might be turn out okay but coffee seems out of place in a red. Dry hopping is quick and easy, results are always good.

I had an “expresso” amber ale about a year or two ago on tap and it was surprisingly good. Not sure exactly how to replicate that, but it was a good beer.

What kind of aroma hops are you using? Coriander has a nice citrus quality that would pair well with Cascade-style hops. Cardamom is something a bit out of the ordinary that could play nice with floral hops.

Try Vanilla Beans.

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