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Multi-use brew kettle

Has anyone used their brew kettle as a fryer and brew kettle also?

You could. As long as you can clean it. Turkey flavored beer could be the next wave though.


I have to second the “get it clean” problem. The turkey fryer pot I have looks like it was in a fire even after I tried to keep it clean. Kinda gave up after boiling the oil over a couple of times.

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Would make sure its super clean. No oil residue. Left behind. Or smell. Of grease.

I haven’t used mine to fry anything but have processed tomatoes in it. I’d be hesitant to do anything with oil in it. Seems like you’d never be able to get it clean.

I don’t know I used my old stainless steel fryer pot to make beer for years. I don’t know why it would be hard to clean. Unless you burnt the crap out of it and never cleaned it

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