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Multi-batch Racking Question

Quick question for you guys: anyone have any thoughts on racking multiple batches at the same time? Specifically, I’m wondering if I should sterilize the siphon between each batch or if a good rinse would be sufficient.

Two batches have finished primary and one is currently in secondary and I plan to rack to begin bulk aging. All started with two different yeasts (Cotes des Blanc and D47). Would be interested in hearing some thoughts. Thanks.

I’ve done it without rinsing, but if you have running water handy, you might as well rinse, and run starSan through.

The main concern for me would be differently attentuative yeasts if you’re bottle conditioning or long-term conditioning.

When racking different beverages and/or yeasts, I rack in ascending attenuation (weakest yeast first, strongest last).

Unless you pitched some bugs in one of the batches, I can’t think of any reason to rinse it. You’re mixing a tiny bit of sterile beer between batches.

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