Mt. Hood vs Crystal

I am ripping out my Ultras for poor performance over the last 3 years and am contemplating these two varieties from Freshops. I am hoping for a Halletauer variety to complement the Sterlings I planted last year which have done well. I’m not surprised that the Ultra didn’t work as our summers here in OK have been very hot and dry lately. Any thoughts?

Where did you get the Ultra rhizome from? I have not been able to find it, and would like to plant it.

Otherwise, it seems from my reading that Mt. Hood grows better than Crystal. I planted Crystal last year, and it only got about 2 feet off the ground before it died back down. I am hoping it will be much more vigorous this year, as I love that hop.

Either way, they are both great hops. I just happen to like Crystal and will stick with it for a while.


Can’t speak for crystal, but my Mt Hood is a beast. Make sure to provide for plenty of room.

I have a Crystal that grows fairly well. I got about a pound off her last year.
She did take a few years to establish. Her flowers are amazing floral and light.

Seems my Mt Hood is much more earthy, and packs a bigger bittering punch.
I regularly sub both for Hallertauer, but think the Crystal might be the better substitute.

Shoot me a note this spring if you want to trade. I might want to try that Ultra.

:cheers: good luck.

My mt Hood growing wise has far and away out produced my three other varieties for the three seasons I’ve been growing them. (other variety are cascade centennial nugget) I think they make a good sub for hallertau good enough for my tastes any ways