Moving, save my hops

I have hops that I planted at my home 7-8 years ago. At the end of July I move out of this home to a new one. How can I take these plants with me?

Dig up some of the root mass (this is what the rhizome is) and store it in a ziplock bag in the fridge with just a bit of moisture. A paper towel that is barely wet works.

So I can just cut off the bines, dig up and bag into my freezer until the spring?

I don’t think you want to freeze them. The fridge should be fine.

I would plant them late summer/early fall rather than spring, so they can establish good root growth. Then mulch them over the winter.

If there’s any chance you can come back and dig them up once they’ve gone dormant, that’s the best option.

Next best would be to cut them back to about 3 feet, dig and transplant into the new location. Like was already mentioned, if you can’t do this within a day or so, you should try to keep them cool during the transition. They’ll most likely go through some serious shock but hopefully some new growth will occur. Even if you don’t get any top growth this year, those crowns have a ton of extra energy stored up to begin the rooting process throughout the remainder of this season. I’m sure they’ll pop up fine for you next spring. Keep us updated!