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Moving hops

Sorry for the repeat, but here is my question (also posted in the BN forums)

I’m moving in 2-weeks. I have some robust cascades and centennial hops in mouth garden and was hoping to carry the rhizomes over to my new home. I’ll be out of. A house for about 2-4 weeks. Can the rhizomes be transferred and if yes, then what’s the best course of action.

You should have asked the question a month ago while they were still dormant as you could have dug the plants up and kept them refrigerated. I’d just cut any new shoots back to the crown before you move, then dig and relocate them. Most of the time, any vegetation already up and growing will be shocked during the move and may die back anyway. You’ll be fine.

Cool. I wasn’t moving in a month, a month ago. It was a bit of an undefined timeline. But you are right, shoulda cut them then.

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just take a spade and dig yourself out a nice chunk of the crown keep it in a bucket and when you get to your new spot stick I in the ground. should do nicely.

Heck hops are like a pernicious weed once they get going. Just take a chunk and retain the soil. It will be reaching for light within days. they are almost zombie like in how tough they can be. That said if they don’t like where you put them… DOOOM.


Done last week.



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