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Moving Hops

Sorry for the repeat, but here is my question (also posted in the BN forums)

I’m moving in 2-weeks. I have some robust cascades and centennial hops in mouth garden and was hoping to carry the rhizomes over to my new home. I’ll be out of. A house for about 2-4 weeks. Can the rhizomes be transferred and if yes, then what’s the best course of action.

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I too moved but fortunately it was winter and my plants were dormant. But if it were growing season I’d do the following. Buy some Home Depot/lowes buckets and drill some drain holes in the bottoms. Cut a nice chunk of crown or rhizome and plant in the buckets. I’m not saying you’ll get a huge yield this year but I’d say it’ll allow you to take your plants with you. Hops are pretty tough plants so don’t worry about hurting their feelings.

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