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Moving fermentor kick start yeast

I pitched my yeast 3 weeks ago. Had a really strong fermentation going on. It stopped and I’ve been letting it sit. I moved the fermentor from basement to upstairs last night to bottle this morning. When I got up my airlock is going about every other 20 seconds. Is this stressed out yeast that have been kick started or still hungry yeast? Do I just wait a day or yow to let them finish or cold crash it?

Thanks in advance!

Its a couple different things. Moving the fermenter agitated the beer and dissolved CO2 is coming out of solution. In addition it is probably warmer upstairs. The colder the beer the more CO2 will stay dissolved. Warming it up facilitates CO2 being released.

I’ll just bottle it without worrying.

Thanks for the quick response!


After three weeks in primary your fermentation is almost certainly finished. Almost certainly.

However, as the beneficiary of a very educational experience - bottle bomb, two sutures in my left arm - I take a couple of gravity readings two or three days apart to ensure it’s really, really done fermenting and that the final gravity passes a sanity test. Sanity test: if a wort with an OG of 1.060 has two readings of 1.030 after three weeks, there’s something wrong and fermentation is not finished; it needs to be warmed up, yeast roused, yeast added, or experts consulted (maybe all three).

Check your gravity!

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