Moving Brewing Outdoors

I started brewing last year in the kitchen of my apartment, but it I have out grown that space. I have since purchased a propane burner and am taking my brewing outdoors. Does anyone have any pointers or helpful ideas other that making sure that I’m set up in a well ventilated area with access to water?

Eaven though you are out doors,are in some sort closed in area? if not you may want a wind screen to block the wind from blowing you flame around. Are you doing extract brewing? If you are then some heat loss is not a huge factor while boiling the wort. Just like you I out grew the kitchen and started to brew outside. That is great in the spring and summer, but for winter brewing I move into my workshop. I am a little leery about using the propane indoors, but the snow is too deep where I set up outside. How close are you to your water source? Do you need a hose to get the water to your brew area? There is a thread on this forum talking about garden hose water. It seems that a white RV water hose is the way to go. Maybe you can get a 5 gallon water jug and carry your water to the brew spot. How easy is it to access your apartment from where you are brewing? Do you have a bunch of steps to climb to get to your place? If you do it could be a little tougher setting up. Or can you walk into your place from outside? The first few brew sessions may be a little rough, but you will find a system that works for you. I did nothing different brewing out doors than I did in the kitchen. In fact for me it is easier outside because I didn’t have to worry about hogging up SWMBO kitchen.

Its always a good idea to keep a spare propane tank on hand.