Move beer from bottles to a keg

Well, I am disappointed that my White House Honey Porter is flat. It has been in the bottle for 11 days and has very little carbonation. I now have a keg system setup - I purchased it soon after I bottled this beer - and I am wondering if I can take the beer from the bottles and pour them into the keg, then carbonate the beer in the keg.

In theory, will this work?

it will work but (there’s always a “but”) you could introduce oxygen no matter how careful you are.

If it were me, I would move them to a warmer room and give it more time. We don’t know the priming method you used, so it’s unclear if you have a mixing problem and some of your bottles will be carbed and some not so. If you used a priming tab then maybe rotate the bottles every day or so for a week and give it more time.

You’ll love kegging though.

I used 2/3 cup of the priming sugar in 2 cups of sugar. This is the first batch that I stirred the wort and sugar water in the bottling bucket every 12 bottles - before this I never did that.

11 days is not long enough for a true verdict. Get the bottles a little warmer and shake them up a bit.

I know you are anxious to use your new keg set up, but there are better ways, like brewing a new batch

Thank you all - my basement is at about 62 - 64 degrees this time of year, that may not be warm enough so I will move the beer upstairs to where it is closer to 68 degrees.

Good idea, keep it as warm as reasonable for the next week. Utility room? Warmest room in the house. Also, flip them end for end at least once per day to get the yeast back into suspension

Isn’t the old rule 1-2-3? One week primary, 2 weeks secondary, 3 weeks in the bottle?

I combine the 1 & 2. :wink:

I had a DIPA that didn’t carbonate after 6 weeks. I transferred it to a 2.5g keg and carbonated it. Consuming it in a couple of weeks to avoid oxidation issues.