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Mounting CO2 Distribution Block in Keezer

Anyone have any suggestions for mounting a CO2 distribution block in my keezer that doesn’t have a collar? Preferably without doing permanent damage to the freezer.

I was thinking of attaching a magnetic strip to the back of the distributor but the inside freezer walls are not magnetic so that won’t work.

Are there any removable adhesives that can handle the cold temps?

About the only other thing I can think of is to make something I can screw the distributor to and have that hang off the back wall or something…

I have a 2’’ wide strip of velcro . I applied it before turning the keezer on . Other than that the walls would be wet. Buy the good velcro. Most gas bars or made of aluminum and are light. You just gotta give it a little support when turning valves on and off

Hot glue?

I use an upright fridge that has plastic everywhere on the inside.
My distributor, and every other one I recall seeing, has mounting holes like the ones on this: ... toffs.html

So, since the upright fridge I use has plastic inside walls and the condenser and all refrigerant tubing on the back, I just screwed them into the plastic on the side wall. I don’t consider 2 small holes to be "damage, and it any case it could be fixed as long as pristine appearance is not a big deal.

Works great for me!

I just let mine hang free.

My freezer has metal walls and I’m pretty sure the cooling coils go all the way around it. So drilling is not really a safe option.

I’m far too much of a neat freak for that to pass. :slight_smile:

Good ideas though, keep 'em coming!

Not a bad thought. Thanks!

Not a bad thought. Thanks![/quote]

I use two strips of adhesive-backed velcro to hold up a project box containing my fan (inside my “keezer”). The adhesive holds just fine, though the velcro holds much better, FYI. Whenever I try to pull it off, the adhesive gives before the velcro does.

If you’re okay with a semi-permanent solution, try a pair of the 3M command adhesive strips. I have a few of their “cable management” clips which I use to keep my gas & liquid lines tidy, and those are mounted with the command adhesive, and they are rock solid

Thanks for all the suggestions and info guys. I picked up a pack of 2" Velcro heavy duty strips. I’ve only got the distribution block hanging on it so far (still need to assemble my new gas lines) but it seems to be holding up just fine.

3M trim adhesive tape. Clean the area with an alcohol swap first.

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