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Mount Fuji Sake

Well it’s Sake making season again here in Brandon, Florida. I’ve got my Koji production down to science always setting some aside to spore for the next batch. I’ve got two batches going currently and as usual a very active fermentation. I keep having to go out and put the airlock back in. It broke the first one.

Top of fridge.

Nice. I just started making my first batch last week. Trying to figure out a way to press before I hit that step. LOL

Either change the broth volume you are working with, lower the temperature or transfer part of the moromi to your moto vessel during build-up. These options all counter your problem with foam exploding out of your fermenter. Not doing so compromise the aseptic environment you are trying to achieve.

Nah…it’s all good…just wasted sake…Pressing done…doing a secondary now. Tastes pretty good.

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