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Motorized Grain Mill Wiring Question - Help

I’m motorizing my Barley Crusher. I picked up a surplus Bodine Gearmotor off ebay (120V, 1/3 HP, 10:1 gear ratio, 170RPM). The motor has 6 wires and I’m looking for help wiring. I went back to Bodine and got the wiring diagram. The diagram shows Black, Red, Blue (Blue connected to a Start Cap) with all these tied together to Line. The other 3 wires are Black-Yel Tr, Red-Yel TR, and Blue all these tied together to Line. There is also a ground wire. A note states to reverse direction swap the blue wires.

My thought is to use a DPDT switch and wire it so I can toggle between OFF, or FWD, or REV. Thus my question is how to wire this to the DPDT switch. Any experts here?’s-Motorized-Grain-Mill

Thanks for the reply, I had found this site among many others during my search. However it wasn’t what I needed. I wanted to use a single DPDT switch to control the motor and allow both forward and reverse. After much research and posting I decided on a single on/off switch. But thanks anyway. I’ve since returned the DPDT switch.

If you want, I can take a picture of my mill and maybe draw the diagram. I sure is nice to have reverse.

Thanks. I’ve since returned the DPDT switch and its all wired to an on/off switch. Just curious though, was your a 6wire motor?

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