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Motor for Mill

I have been searching for a gearmotor for my Monster Mill but the well seems to be dry. Has anyone recently found a supplier that has a reasonable price for a motor? The links from previous posts concerning Surplus Center, etc., show none available.

Try Herbach & Rademan ... y_Code=MTR

Thanks for the link. Could not find what I was looking for. Anyone else have any ideas?

How about this one: … e=electric

RPM is too low on that model. I need 175 / 200 range. Thanks for the help.

Every pic I’ve seen involves a 1/4-1/2HP motor and large enough pulleys to reduce the rpm appropriately. I use a drill to run mine, it probably runs too fast.

I use a 1/2" corded electric variable speed drill. Works like a charm.

I also use a drill at this time.This photo from Sam’s Wort O Matic web page shows what I would like to do. The motor he used was 107 rpm for a Barley Crusher. The motor ( from Surplus Center) is no longer available. I was looking for a little more rpms and torque since I have a 3 roller monster mill.

A 3 roller mill would most likely require less torque since the first two rollers are preset to a wider gap and the third roller which is adjustable reduces the grain to the final crush. I would think that would be a bit more efficient and therefore require less power.
FWIW I use a 1/2" variable speed right angle drill and it works like a charm.

I seen a post where a guy used a paper shredder to drive his mill. He has been using it for over 3 years and it’s still going strong. Goggle it.

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