Mosher's Radical Brewing Book Recipe Errors?

Last night I brewed the Red IPA recipe out of Randy Mosher’s Radical Brewing book. We have done a handful of partial mash recipes with good success but last night, a suspiciously high OG reading 1.084 started setting off alarm bells. I have poked around on various brew sites and seen messages about wort not being properly mixed and different opinions about incorrect OG readings but I am now thinking that we used too much DME. I also found a post on a different brew site concerning possible mistakes/typos with the Red IPA recipe.

Here is the recipe we used

6.5 pounds Pale DME (in place of 6.5lbs. pale ale malt) ***thinking this is the problem?/recipe error?
5.0 Munich malt
.75lb. Medium crystal malt
.5 lb. dark crystal malt
2 oz. black patent malt

Wyyeast Denny’s Favorite
Hops: 2oz. cascade 60min, 2oz. cascade 30min., 2oz. Goldings 5min.

At any rate, we pitched the yeast at 26 Celsius and it is in primary fermenter now, for better or worse. Anyone have thoughts about how this might turn out? Salvageable? high alcohol, unbalanced? Should we perhaps dry hop and let it sit much longer in secondary than we would have if the recipe had been right (if it is indeed wrong)? Many thanks to anyone who would care to comment or advise.

Here is a site with corrections concerning Radical Brewing:

To get the same amount of sugars from extract in place of grain, you do need to use less extract by weight, since the extract is 100% sugars. Depending on your efficiency, you need 2 to 2.5 lbs less extract by weight than grain. Using beersmith, with mash efficiency set at 72%, I got a gravity of 1.035 from 6.5 lbs of 2-row, and a gravity of 1.058 with 6.5lbs light DME. It’s not really an error in the book, just that grain and extract are not equivalent.

Pitching at 26C (79F) is likely to lead to fusel alcohol production, especially given the high OG (which will produce a 6-10F increase in temp from fermentation) - get that beer down into the low 60s (beer temp, not ambient) as fast as you can.