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Mosaic + Amarillo +?

I have one ounce of mosaic pellets and an ounce of whole cone Amarillo sitting in the fridge. I might make a quick and easy pale ale with the mosaic for flavor and aroma and the Amarillo for dry hop. What should I add for bittering? I have a pack of Newport as well, but i don’t know if I want to use it.



I would FWH the Mosaic. It adds tremendous flavor in my experience.

2 of the best IPA’s I’ve made used simcoe as the bittering hop. I’ve never tried it as solely a bittering hop as I’ve always added some later in the boil as well but I’m a big fan. It adds a nice earthy herbal flavor and compliments Amarillo well. My concern would be that Mosaic was derived from Simcoe so some of their common flavors might overpower if you use too much of each.

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